Credentials, integrations, procedures and Blockchain Flowcharts

Polygon Network (Formerly Matic)

The ARKANE API generation was successful, and we already have a key for using their services on Ethereum Staging.
For more information, we can already refer you to our documentation:​
You can also check Arketype, our reference implementation of the widget and check out this code on Github to get a head start.
The client-id is: Creative-Platform.
For our staging environment, please use the following endpoints:
Wallet interface:​
On Ethereum staging, we use the Rinkeby Ethereum network.

Ethereum Staging

​INFURA ID (on Rinkeby Test network): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Testnet: pk_test_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Production (localhost): pk_live_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
​PORTIS API KEY: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
​ALCHEMY API KEY: xxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
​ETHERSCAN KEY: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
SKALE Credentials
S-Chain Name shapely-tyl
Chain ID 0x4000e5c5faac7
Address designed for development: PENDING.
Chakra & Next.js for UI (discord channel)
Polygon (for off-chain network)
Chainlink Verification:
The Graph (api’s integrations)
Aave (lending platform)
Diamond Standard (EIP-2535): NFTs (DAO)
​Superfluid (for streaming-value)

Procedures for MVP

Here you find the way to make your work code as is to start developing
Building the PoolTogether tripod (Pool-Contracts+BuilderUI+ReferenceUI): Please follow the README of every repository taking into account that depending on the environment you are trying to launch there will the conditions to be met. For that reason, there are files such as Constants.js storing credentials or hardhat.config.js/ that retrieve specific data to have a customized deployment.

Blockchain Flowcharts

This space is used to post all the information regarding trials you can run. The trials you might need on a regular basis might be transactions mostly but most importantly the behavior of the network overall and with the changes applied through our smart contracts.
The process is the following:
    In order to use the flowcharts you will need test ETH. Get them from the available faucets: Rinkeby, GΓΆerli, Ropsten, Kovan.
    The platform you will use to visualize such trials is eth-build. This works as a playground where you can prototype constructors, code structures you are building, etc. It is highly recommended checking the tutorials available on the topic to understand how to use it:
Examples already build:
    Transaction between Accounts on Rinkeby.
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